Centre Sub-Committees

Early Career Researcher Committee (ECRC): The ECRC is a committee established for the early career academics and researchers of the Centre to raise issues to their early career representative on the CEC, organise relevant events and have a voice in Centre decisions.

Chair: Prof Sharath Shiam


Education and Outreach Committee (E&O): The E&O committee supports the education and outreach goals of the Centre. Education includes internal education and trainee/internship opportunities as well as the external education of others. This directly connects to outreach, which includes school visits through to social media and beyond. Outreach includes school visits, Node and centre-wide events, science week participation, and media. The Centre Mentoring Program and the Training Register is overseen by this committee.

Chair: Prof Igor Aharonovich, Prof Lan Fu


Inclusion Diversity Equity and Access Committee (IDEA): The IDEA Committee is concerned with the Centre’s culture and values to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. The IDEA Committee will champion initiatives that support the Centre to reach its equity and diversity KPIs, as well as those that enhance the careers and experiences of Centre members. The Committee is responsible for the IDEA Framework and associated policies.

Chair: Prof Madhu Bhaskaran


Industry Liaison Committee (ILC): The ILC is both the guardian and champion of the intellectual property (IP) created in undertaking Centre Activities. The ILC supports the COO in maintaining the IP Register. It connects to universities and industry on how to best utilise IP. Furthermore, the ILC will help the Centre develop industry links for education and research purposes – and beyond.

Chair: Prof Francesca Iacopi, Prof Lorenzo Faraone


Infrastructure and Capabilities Committee (ICC): The ICC maintains the Centre’s Equipment Register and supports collaboration by ensuring Centre members know and can access cross-Node capabilities for their research. The ICC annually organises the Centre-based ARC LIEF bids and supports non-Centre bids through connections in Australia. The ICC will also support access to equipment, infrastructure and capabilities outside the Centre.

Chair: Prof Ken Crozier