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Outreach @TMOS: A Story of Our School Workshop Program

What is Outreach @TMOS and why is it important? Ever wondered what Outreach was? Think of it as a sort of partnership between schools, other educational systems and TMOS as an organisation. By making these connections, it helps us to bring our resources and knowledge to the classroom and help students better engage with the […]

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New nanowire sensors are the next step in the Internet of Things

A new miniscule nitrogen dioxide sensor could help protect the environment from vehicle pollutants that cause lung disease and acid rain. Researchers from TMOS, the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems have developed a sensor made from an array of nanowires, in a square one fifth of a millimetre per side, […]

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Meta-Optics: The disruptive technology you didn’t see coming 

Image credit: Liam Pannier, Scopio Writing credit: Phil Dooley Robots and autonomous cars will have eyes that see much more than the human eye is capable of, a review of the growing field of meta-optics has found.  Meta-optics is advancing science and technology far beyond the 3000-year-old optical paradigm that we rely on for the […]


We Really Are Meta Together

What a great week we had at the TMOS 2022 Meta Together Conference! TMOS launched in 2020, and in the last week of November, we gathered in-person as a whole group (almost!) for the very first time. The five TMOS nodes, along with collaborators from around the country and the world, came together for three […]

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New 3D live hologram technology to save lives in field hospitals

3D holograms from your phone, television, or favourite droid have been promised for decades but despite being of great interest, have yet to materialize. The applications for them are far-reaching, particularly in the medtech field where real time, dynamic holograms are predicted to shorten operation times and deliver better surgical outcomes. Dynamic 3D holograms have […]

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Optics meets optimism: Physics Nobel Laureate Professor Donna Strickland on lasers and life

Professor Donna Strickland is the 2018 Nobel Prize Winner for her role in creating the “laser hammer” in the 1980’s, which is the scientific basis for the technology that allows the ultra-precise cuts required for laser eye surgeries, micromachining for electronics, and beyond. We were honoured to host Professor Strickland at the ANU Research School […]

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Bringing physics to Rose Park Primary School

Some of the brightest minds in the physics community are coming to South Australia next week for the first annual conference of TMOS, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems. On their way, they are stopping at Rose Park Primary School to share their love of optical physics with the school’s year 5 […]


A quantum of physicists to take over the Murray Bridge

Some of the brightest minds in the international physics community will be descending on the Murray Bridge this Wednesday as the Bridgeport Hotel hosts Meta Together, the first annual conference of TMOS, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems. Centre Director Dragomir Neshev says, “We chose the Murray Bridge because we wanted an […]


Cervical Cancer Awareness week

This week is National Cervical Cancer Awareness week and two of our TMOS members, Shaban Sulejman and Lukas Wesemann, are conducting research that can be applied to the detection of cervical cancer. There are around 900 new cases of cervical cancer reported every year, cervical cancer screening saves lives. Screening is one of the most […]

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$6 Billion future of the quantum industry is enabled by home-grown meta-optics

Quantum technology is hitting the headlines around Australia as the government develops its first national quantum strategy to realise its $6 billion opportunity. CSIRO anticipates that by 2045 the quantum industry will employ nearly 20,000 people and be worth $6 billion to the Australian economy. However, as raised by Dr Cathy Foley Chief Scientist in […]