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Spinning into the future: New Photonic Dirac Waveguide changing the way data is transferred and manipulated.

A fridge that can do your shopping for you and tell you when food has gone bad is a shiny, exciting not-to-far-away future. A less exciting element of the Internet of Things (IoT) is the amount of data it is going to generate, the need to store it, and pass it from one point to […]

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$6 Billion future of the quantum industry is enabled by home-grown meta-optics

Quantum technology is hitting the headlines around Australia as the government develops its first national quantum strategy to realise its $6 billion opportunity. CSIRO anticipates that by 2045 the quantum industry will employ nearly 20,000 people and be worth $6 billion to the Australian economy. However, as raised by Dr Cathy Foley Chief Scientist in […]

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Spooky but tiny: grating boosts nanostructured quantum light source

A key element for future quantum technology is a step closer with the unveiling of a tiny quantum light source, less than one hundredth the diameter of a hair thick. The device‚Äôs practical qualities will make it a valuable component for future micro-quantum technology, said TMOS Chief Investigator Professor Andrey Sukhorukov who led the project […]

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Single-photon emitters: a breakthrough discovery

PhD student, Noah Mendelson, was part of the team that discovered that carbon was the source of photons in ‘white graphene’ – a two-dimensional material that holds promise for use in emerging quantum technologies. One exciting aspect of this work was identifying that the carbon atom has spin, which means it can be manipulated for […]