Can a piece of scotch tape stop computer hackers in their tracks? New steps toward quantum communications says ‘yes’.

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney and TMOS, an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence, have taken the fight to online hackers with a giant leap towards realizing affordable, accessible quantum communications, a technology that would effectively prevent the decryption of online activity. Everything from private social media messaging to banking could become more […]


National Science Week 2020

National Science Week is Australia’s science celebration that has been running each year since 1997. Due to the pandemic, many events have shifted online, and this year TMOS’s event is no exception. TMOS has collaborated with Fizzics Education, Australia’s premier science outreach company, to produces its first ever event – Light, Lasers and Laboratories! Fizzics […]

Science News

Study puts spin into quantum technologies

University of Technology Sydney The ability to control the spin of atom-like impurities in 2D material hexagonal boron-nitride demonstrated A team of international scientists investigating how to control the spin of atom-like impurities in 2D materials have observed the dependence of the atom’s energy on an external magnetic field for the first time. The results […]