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TMOS researchers paving the way towards flatter and more energy efficient flat screens

TMOS researchers have developed a proof-of-concept technology that could pave the way for next-generation displays to supersede LCDs and LEDs, enabling screens and electronic devices to become thinner, offer higher resolution and be much more energy efficient. The team included Centre Director Dragomir Neshev (Australian National University) and Associate Investigators Andrey Miroshnichenko (University of New […]

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Spooky but tiny: grating boosts nanostructured quantum light source

A key element for future quantum technology is a step closer with the unveiling of a tiny quantum light source, less than one hundredth the diameter of a hair thick. The device’s practical qualities will make it a valuable component for future micro-quantum technology, said TMOS Chief Investigator Professor Andrey Sukhorukov who led the project […]


Generating entangled photons with nonlinear metasurfaces

Illustration of a metasurface generating pairs of photons (shown as spheres).  The photon entanglement can be varied by changing the pump beam (shown in red). Illustration by Andrei Komar & Matthew Parry. Subhed: A new method for generating quantum-entangled photon pairs employs nonlinear metasurfaces to enhance and tailor photon emissions—an important step towards creating miniaturized […]


Can a piece of scotch tape stop computer hackers in their tracks? New steps toward quantum communications says ‘yes’.

Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney and TMOS, an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence, have taken the fight to online hackers with a giant leap towards realizing affordable, accessible quantum communications, a technology that would effectively prevent the decryption of online activity. Everything from private social media messaging to banking could become more […]