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TMOS researchers’ paper on GaN nanowires featured as ACS Editors’ Choice

Researchers at the ANU node of TMOS have had their recent paper “Selective area growth of GaN nanowire: partial pressures and temperature as the key growth parameters” selected as the ACS Editors’ Choice (August 08, 2022). The ACS Editors’ Choice features scientific articles that are deemed to have broad significance to the community. Less than […]

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Spooky but tiny: grating boosts nanostructured quantum light source

A key element for future quantum technology is a step closer with the unveiling of a tiny quantum light source, less than one hundredth the diameter of a hair thick. The device’s practical qualities will make it a valuable component for future micro-quantum technology, said TMOS Chief Investigator Professor Andrey Sukhorukov who led the project […]


TMOS Chief Investigator Jagadish announced as the next President of the Australian Academy of Science 

TMOS Chief Investigator and Australian National University Distinguished Professor Chennupati Jagadish will become the next President of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS). He is the first Australian of Indian heritage to take on the role.  The Academy is one of Australia’s foremost scientific organisations, tasked with providing independent, authoritative scientific advice to parliament, promoting international scientific engagement and building public awareness and understanding of science.   […]

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Australian research helping self-driving cars get on the road

Researchers from the Australian National University and TMOS, an Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence, have developed a highly sensitive self-powered single photon detector that could be used to make self-driving cars safer and more energy efficient. A fast, single-photon Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) is far more sensitive than other forms of LIDARs, allowing […]


Generating entangled photons with nonlinear metasurfaces

Illustration of a metasurface generating pairs of photons (shown as spheres).  The photon entanglement can be varied by changing the pump beam (shown in red). Illustration by Andrei Komar & Matthew Parry. Subhed: A new method for generating quantum-entangled photon pairs employs nonlinear metasurfaces to enhance and tailor photon emissions—an important step towards creating miniaturized […]


TMOS researcher a leader in nanotechnology

ANU’s Professor Hoe Tan, a Chief Investigator in TMOS, has identified by The Australian Special Report on Research as the Field Leader in Nanotechnology, within Chemical and Materials Sciences. Congratulations Hoe! Hoe’s research in Nanotechnology is primarily on the growth of semiconductor nanostructures such as nanowires, nanomembranes, nanorings and hexagonal-BN (a 2D material) for various […]

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Tiny devices promise improved cancer detection

Scientists have made new miniature devices that could be developed into safe, high-resolution imaging technology that helps doctors to identify potentially deadly cancers and treat them early. Millions of people around the world die from cancer every year. The Australian National University (ANU) collaborated on the new devices with the University of Strathclyde and Oxford […]