Available Projects

Australian National University

CIs Fu, Jagadish, & Tan

  • Development of electrically injected nano-scale lasers and light emitters
  • Enhancing the efficiency of quantum emitters using semiconductor nanocavities
  • Synthesis of novel shape-engineered nanostructures for optoelectronic applications
  • Integrated nanowire gas/bio sensors
  • Integrated nanowire/metasurface infrared photodetectors
  • Quantum well nanowire LEDs and photodetectors

CI Shadrivov

  • Liquid crystals and metasurfaces: towards full wave control / Tunable metasurfaces

CI Sukhorukov

  • Quantum photonics with nanostructured metasurfaces (summer project)
  • Metasurface polarization optics / detect (summer project)


CI Bhaskaran

  • Multi-stimuli thin films for tomorrow’s electronics and optics

CI Sriram

  • Tunable metasurfaces towards next generation flat optical devices

University of Melbourne

CIs Crozier & Roberts

  • Plasmonics and metamaterials
  • Structural Colouration and Filters
  • Advanced Holograms
  • Metasurface-enabled photodetectors (visible wavelengths)
  • Metasurface-enabled photodetectors (infrared wavelengths)
  • Tunable meta-optics with Phase-Change Materials
  • Imaging and optical tweezers
  • Nanophotonic devices for information processing and imaging
  • Wavefront Sensing with Metasurfaces
  • Ghost-Imaging with Metasurfaces
  • Optical Nanotweezers

University of Technology Sydney

CI Aharonovich

  • Quantum Emitters in atomically thin materials

CI Iacopi

  • Graphene – Silicon Carbide Ultrathin Metasurfaces for Infrared Detection and Filters (multiple positions available)

CI Toth

  • Nanofabrication techniques for integrated quantum photonics

University of Western Australia

CIs Faraone & Martyniuk

  • Next generation infrared sensing and imaging technologies
  • Next generation sensing and imaging using MEMS technologies complemented with metamaterial functionality

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