TMOS is about to develop the next generation of miniaturised optical systems with applications beyond current imagination. Meta-optics has the potential to revolutionise a vast array of industries, with the same disruptive power as the transistor.

Together, we will overcome complex challenges in light generation, manipulation, and detection at the nanoscale. Our research will evolve into technologies such as moving holograms, artificial vision that can see the invisible, wearable medical devices, and ultra-fast light-based Wi-Fi.

We are a trans-disciplinary team of world leaders in science, technology and engineering, and through our commitment to developing our team, we will prepare outstanding innovators from diverse backgrounds to be future leaders for decades to come.

Why do a PhD with TMOS?

By joining an ARC Centre of Excellence, you get to study with a world-leading supervisor at a prestigious university with the additional benefit of cross-institution collaboration, giving you the opportunity to work with the best researchers of meta-optics across Australia and internationally.

A PhD project with TMOS offers:

  • cross institution supervision
  • domestic and international exchange programs
  • industry internships
  • professional development opportunities
  • top up scholarships
  • opportunities to network with senior researchers in the field
  • opportunities to participate in our outreach program

Want to study with us?