Impact & Translation

Meta-optics—an emerging technology with links to metasurfaces, nano-optics and precision optics—have the potential to transform a vast array of industries, similar to the way wi-fi and transistors have changed every aspect of the way we live.

TMOS, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems, is dedicated to making new discoveries in this field and translating them to real-world applications.

The Centre is focusing its initial research translation efforts on seven key areas:


We are developing meta-optical surfaces for SWIR-TIR spectral ranges that will replace heavy glass lenses with lightweight, thin film-based optics, reducing manufacturing, launch and operating costs.


Our sensing technology includes thin-film infrared up-conversion technology that will replace current bulky night vision sensors.


We are applying MEMS-based spectroscopic sensing technology in the Ag-Tech space to assess plant health, water stress, soil health, etc. Our on-chip microspectrometer technology, which is extremely robust and has an extremely small size and weight, allows the sensors to be on-farm field-deployable on any suitable platform, such hand-held, robotic vehicle, and/or airborne UAV (drone).


Meta-optics has a vast array of applications in the medtech field. Two of our current projects focus on improving diagnostics with flexible, wearable sensors and the development of microscope coverslips that enable the user to view transparent cells without staining.  


The Centre is developing highly sensitive, self-powered single photon detectors using InP nanowires that could be used to make current LiDAR systems more effective, with applications in consumer-driven vehicles, mining and city planning, among others.


Li-fi promises highly secure optical communications. Our researchers are engaging in cutting edge work with micro/nano infrared LEDs, which will significantly advance the field.  In addition, the Centre’s advancements in miniaturized quantum light sources bring quantum communication closer to everyday applications.

Consumer devices and entertainment

All three of the Centre’s research themes will come together to improve consumer devices. Metasurfaces will enable film-thin lenses that could also generate and manipulate light, making full colour, moving holograms from a mobile phone a real possibility. These advancements will also accelerate the integration of VR into new industries.

Collaborating with TMOS

Meta-Optics discovery calls

Understanding the technology that will impact your organization a decade from now enables you to future-proof your business. This is why we offer free meta-optics discovery calls, where we take your team through the technology and its potential applications in your field. These consultations are suited to executive and engineering teams. Follow up sessions can be arranged to answer questions that arise as a result of our first conversation.

If you are interested in arranging a discovery call, please email

Research Updates

We publish a quarterly review of Centre research along with insight articles and news relevant to meta-optics. To subscribe to this update, please email

Research Projects 

We work with industry partners in a range of fields on research projects that advance this new technology in ways contribute to the business objectives. We can work with you to identify business opportunities and shape R&D projects to deliver the best outcome for your organisation.

The Centre’s diverse expertise in this field enables us to partner you with the best people for your project. We can also help leverage your resources through Australian Government support.

If you can see a promising application for our technology in your industry, we want to hear from you. Please email to start the conversation.