Centre Member Profile

Camilla Gazzana
Employer: University of Technology Sydney
Centre Role: Professional Staff
Job Title in TMOS: Outreach Coordinator, Node Administrator
Education: BSc Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry
Camilla completed her undergraduate studies in Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry at the University of Technology Sydney in 2015, after which she commenced postgraduate studies in 2017, also at UTS. Her current area of research is in the field of bionanotechnology, where she is undertaking her PhD and investigating the interactions between gold nanoparticles and a common gram negative bacteria, E. coli. Her PhD supervisors are Emeritus Professor Michael Cortie, Professor Stella Valenzuela, and Associate Professor Andrew McDonagh. During her postgraduate studies, Camilla has undertaken a wide range of undergraduate teaching roles with a focus on forensic scene of crime processing. Her love of teaching has led her to her current role as Outreach Coordinator and Node Administrator for the UTS Node of TMOS.