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Greg Dennis
Employer: RMIT University
Centre Role: IDEA Officer & Node Administrator
Job Title in TMOS: IDEA Officer
Bachelor of Design, Whitehouse Institute of Design, 2011 Graduate Certificate of Design, Whitehouse Institute of Design, 2017 Graduate Certificate Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce, University of Southern Queensland, 2022
Greg has worked in numerous industries and held varying roles over the past 15 years, from education to design and most recently his passions have led him to focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and access. His most recent role was an interesting combination of Senior Stylist and Diversity and Inclusion lead for a Global marketing agency. He is passionate about breaking down stereotypes within diversity, equity, inclusion and access and is always researching new ways to make workplaces more inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible.

He currently lives in the Suburb of Windsor in Naarm but has lived in London and Berlin and grew up in regional NSW. Greg is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and always will advocate for queer representation. Greg always loves meeting new people and learning new skills and is exceptionally excited to be working within TMOS.