Centre Member Profile

Dipankar Chugh
Employer: The Australian National University
Centre Role: Researcher
Job Title in TMOS: Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests:

- Semiconductor optoelectronics

- 2D materials

- Epitaxy

- Devices


- Ph.D. (Physics), Australian National University, 2020

- M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), University of Calgary, 2008

- B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology (Guwahati), 2006


Dipankar completed his Ph.D. in 2020, from The Australian National University (with Prof. Hoe Tan). For his Ph.D. thesis, he researched on the growth and applications of wafer scale hexagonal boron nitride. His research interests lie in the area of optoelectronics and epitaxial growth of III-V and III-nitrides materials. Currently he is working as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Electronics Materials and Engineering Group at ANU, where is continuing his research on hBN along with the design and fabrication of semiconductor lasers.

Prior to joining ANU, between 2010-2015, he worked as microfabrication process technologist at University of South Australia. He has extensive experience in various micro/nano-fabrication techniques and associated processes like plasma etching, physical vapour deposition, photolithography, chemical etching and electroplating. At UniSA, he was actively involved in developing microfabrication processes for making microfluidic devices in glass and polymer materials and, provide equipment/process training to students and research/academic staff.