Centre Member Profile

Samara Thorn
Employer: The Australian National University
Centre Role: Engagement Manager
Job Title in TMOS: Engagement Manager
MSci, Science Education (Griffith University)
GDipEd, Primary (Griffith University)
BA, Creative Writing (Griffith University)

Samara started in marketing and communications after graduating from Griffith University, working primarily in the arts. She then took time off to study education, and spent 5 years as a classroom teacher (primary school and senior science) before returning to communications when she moved to Canberra. Those 5 years, while not typical training for a communications manager, certainly helped develop skills the skills she uses in her current role, including project management, stakeholder management, data analysis and strategy development as well as an ability to understand how different types of people think, what motivates them to take action and how best to educate others.