Centre Member Profile

Cun-Zheng Ning
Employer: Tsinghua University
Centre Role: Partner Investigator
Job Title in TMOS: Professor of Electronic Engineering
Research Interests:

- Nanophotonics including plasmonics and photonic crystal devices

- Semiconductor nanolasers including plasmon-polariton and metallic cavity nanolasers

- 2D materials including material properties, excitonic properties, and lasing

- Semiconductor optoelectronics

- Physics of nanoscale semiconductors including processes involving excitonic species and associated light emissions such as new mechanisms of optical gain

- Semiconductor nanowires and associated devices applications in light emission, lasing, and solar cells


PhD, Physics,1991, University of Stuttgart


Dr Ning has made significant contributions to quite a few areas including geometric phase in nonlinear dissipative systems, coherent resonance, plasmonic nanolasers, semiconductor alloy nanowires, white lasers; His many awards and honours include NASA Group Award for Nanotechnology, CSC Technical Excellence Award, NASA Space Act Patent Award, IEEE/LEOS Distinguished Lecturer Award, Fellow of The Optical Society, Fellow of IEEE, Fellow of Electromagnetic Academy, “Greatest Tech of the Year” and “Top 10 Innovations in the Engineering” awarded by “Popular Science” for the invention of white lasers, and Top 10 Optical Breakthroughs in 2017. He currently serves as Deputy Editor for the OSA-CLP Journal Photonics Research and Editorial Board of Springer Series in Nano Science and Technology.